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Custom Built Environmentally Controlled Transport Systems
Patent No. 6,581,544

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Smithway, Inc.

The innovative leader in
chick transport
for over 20 years ...


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Charles Glass (left), NCPF President and Live Production Manager for Tyson Foods—Monroe presents longtime friend G.D. Smith (center) of Smith Farms, Inc./Smithway, Inc. and his wife, Janice (right), with the NCPF Hall of Fame Award at the NCPF Hall of Fame Luncheon November 12, 2008.


The All-New Air Conditioned "Smithway" (Chick Transport Unit)

The best in live chick transport just got better with easier cleanup, lower maintenance costs and best of all, better temperature control. All of this guarantees you the best delivery conditions on the market.


Smithway, Inc. is proud to introduce our new wireless communication system that can provide peace of mind no matter where your loads may be.

  • E-Alerts: Automatic alert system that can send up to ten text or e-mail messages to designated personnel if the driver fails to respond to an alarm.
  • GPS Onboard: Onboard Satellite tracking that is capable of communicating where the unit is as well as providing a picture of the location.
  • RSVIEW: Internal program that can be dialed into from any computer with internet service. Allows monitoring of the system with the capability of checking: Generator hours, oil pressure and water pressure - A.C. unit pressures, Amps, Motors, and discharge air from the unit as well as the current outside temp. Also allows you to view the temperature and condition of the load and will allow temperature set points to be changed and calibrated. Displays the current mode the unit is operating in and verifies the operation of all equipment, fans, etc.


bulletWe have a new compressor upgrade along with air flow changes on the
       Smithway Chick Trailers.


bulletReduces chick morbidity and mortality


bulletEasier cleanup means better Bio-Security


bulletProgrammable logic controls take the guesswork out of the
      driver's hands


bulletTotal air conditioning with washable or disposable filtration systems


bulletMore heat to handle extreme conditions


bulletPowered by diesel generators matched to size of unit


bulletEmergency backup generators included as standard equipment


bulletEasy loading and unloading with our "Chicks On Wheels"
       pallet-forklift system. Move bigger loads faster with less labor.


All sizes available from truck mounted bodies to trailers, always custom designed to suit your needs.


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Chicks on Wheels

The standard 48-foot trailer, or smaller if so desired, has curb side, road side and rear double doors for easy loading and unloading. Or or if you choose, "Chicks On Wheels"...

Day Old Chick Transport/Delivery since 1975
Live Chick Transport - Live haul for Chickens - Ducks - Turkeys - Geese

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Smithway Truck Bodies
These bodies incorporate the same systems as do the trailers. We build bodies ranging from 10 feet to 32 feet in length...
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Air Conditioned System
All sizes of transporters are now air conditioned for the comfort of your birds...
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Overhead fans, Floor air
Our system uses an overhead fan with adjustable plastic blades to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the load...
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Fabricated with...
Smithway Transport systems are fabricated with aluminum bodies and trailers, insulated walls and ceilings..
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International Poultry Show in Atlanta, GA
Mid-West Poultry Show in St. Paul, MN
Western Fairgrounds in London, ON





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